"Suddenly He Understood Death"

Once, S.H.U.D. ("Suddenly He Understood Death") existed solely to enact the evil will of the Titan of the Deep. Captured by wizards during one of the titan's bloody campaigns, S.H.U.D.'s mindless ignorance transformed into empathy and humanity as he bonded with his captors. Despite his terrifying appearance and origin, S.H.U.D. has developed inherent goodness.

Long ago, the creatures that made their home beside the thermal vents of the ocean floor were drawn to the pulsing power of the Titan of the Deep. There, S.H.U.D. and his siblings morphed from aquatic bodies into humanoid minions, mindlessly powered by Deep's wrath, collecting mortal souls to feed their master's strength.

After centuries of refinement, S.H.U.D. and his kin evolved into formidable agents of the abyss, striking fear into the hearts of all who encountered them. As the power of the Titan of the Deep continued to swell, he was finally freed from his rocky ocean prison, unleashing devastation and despair upon the world. In the midst of this chaos, Deep and his creatures faced their greatest adversary—Tralzan, the wizard, and his crew.

Tralzan and the other wizards slaughtered the aquatic minions in droves, but S.H.U.D. was captured and bound with enchanted chains, preserved as a specimen for study. Tralzan's apprentice, Zee, was entrusted with the responsibility of caring for S.H.U.D. and guiding him to understand the emotions that drive mortals. Concepts such as pain, fear, loneliness, and heartache were introduced, gradually softening S.H.U.D.'s nature and forging a bond between him and his captors.

In a desperate bid to vanquish the most perilous of all the titans, Tralzan and his crew made the ultimate sacrifice, offering their lives to reseal the Titan of the Deep beneath the unforgiving depths of the sea. Their souls became intertwined with various artifacts dispersed to the farthest reaches of the world.

In the climactic moments of the battle, S.H.U.D., driven by determination, shattered the wooden boards that had bound him, freeing himself to rescue his friend, Zee. Together, they emerged as the sole survivors of the final confrontation. Although Zee wished to liberate S.H.U.D., the enchanted shackles could not be removed without Tralzan's power.

Navigating the aftermath of the battle-scarred realm, S.H.U.D. and Zee embarked on a journey that took them to uncharted lands as they sought the scattered remnants of Tralzan's soul-infused artifacts. With each artifact they unearthed, Zee's mastery over breaking enchantments grew, earning him the title of Soulbinder.

Meanwhile, S.H.U.D. found himself torn between his innate connection to the abyss and the newfound humanity he had acquired. Each treasure offered a chance to restore Soulbinder and S.H.U.D.'s fallen comrades and help his brethren evolve.

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  • Cleave
  • Whiplash
  • Anchor's Away
  • Prison Reef
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Great Divide
  • Flow of the Current


S.H.U.D. swings his anchor in a wide arc in front of him back and forth dealing 12 damage to any enemies hit.