The Ice Oracle

Helios, now known as the Ice Oracle, is undead, one of the Titan of Death's cosmic jokes. Driven by his quest to capture a crystal with the unparalleled power of the sun, a human named Henrick is instead killed and revived by Death, whose juvenile tendencies find humor in resurrection and animation. The lands of Hell, once lush and green, have become a wasteland of Death's pranks and misdeeds, unlivable and filled with havoc. Henrick, now Helios, is a child of this Hell.

In ancient times, the mountain man Henrick set out to find the legendary Crystal of the Sun. Henrick, then an apprentice magician, studied maps and sailed the seas for his whole life to find this crystal, rumored to be able to capture and amplify the power of sun rays a thousandfold. Despite a lifetime of expeditions, Henrick was unable to find any whisper of the crystal except for one rumor of a shining mountain in the lands of Hell—somewhere from which few, if any, sailors return. As his youth and vitality slowly ebbed with age, Henrick decided to undertake the quest on his own, setting sail for Hell on a small ship.

The mountain of legend did exist, looming twice as high as any other on earth. Henrick scaled it, digging through heavy snows and trekking past cloud cover, encouraged by the sight of a gleaming peak that shone as brightly as a star. At its zenith, however, he was disappointed to find nothing but a block of ice diffracting the sun's rays. Exhausted and angry, Henrick struck the ice block, unwittingly triggering Death's latest trick; he was instantly frozen in place, unable to move.

Hundreds of years later, the Titan of Death leisurely finds his way to his prank trap, something he has always envisioned as a false enticement to humanity. Upon discovering a frozen Henrick, however, Death is deeply impressed by the commitment of the man and revives him as one of his undead progeny—but unlike the others, Henrick is granted the powers of ice and eternal wisdom, a gift to acknowledge his grit and strong will.

The newly awakened and immortal Helios now must travel the world, seeking his body's new limits and providing others with the answers—and powers—they seek. However, he is unable to find the answers to his own life's questions with his new gifts, so he continues to quest, still searching for the power of the sun and discovering new horizons.

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  • Frost Bolt
  • Ice Crush
  • Frost Nova
  • Ice Cocoon
  • Biting Wind
  • Blizzard
  • Frostbite

Frost Bolt

Standard ranged skill shot dealing 10 damage and applying 1 stack of Frostbite.