General Almandee-Breeze

General Almandee-Breeze

Sea Elf

In the treacherous Archipelago of Golden Tides, a legendary figure emerged—one whose name resounded throughout the territories: General Almandee-Breeze, a Sea Elf who hails from the Eldorado Empire. She is no ordinary diplomat; she is the embodiment of hope and unity in a realm ravaged by discord.

Born in the coral spires of Eldorado, Breeze bore the usual grace and nobility of her Sea Elf lineage. But she would soon learn that while her race was highly respected, her people were synonymous with neutrality in times of war. When bloodshed would ravage the islands, the Sea Elves would never interfere, and while her people were proud of their stance, thinking it dignified, Breeze was not, and she could not stand by any longer.

Breeze left the Empire on her never-ending quest to promote peace. Her efforts were quickly recognized on the battlefield and off. She healed the injured, comforted the grieving, attempted to mend conflicts between villages, then entire lands. She was given the honorary title of General from the Human king after her noteworthy interactions with the infamous bloodthirsty Rhino Beast Pirates. Their ruthless hostility peaked during the Human-Beast War, a devastating conflict that had plunged the Archipelago into darkness. Breeze's diplomatic mastery brokered a ceasefire with the Rhino Beast Pirates in the final days of the war.

Her feats did not end there. Breeze also crossed paths with the enigmatic Ancient Naga Magicians, beings of immense power and arcane wisdom. Her unification efforts and unwavering graciousness earned their respect, and thus the Naga entrusted her with long-guarded secrets that fostered a peaceful and fortified bond with the Titan of Nature. With this knowledge, Breeze continues to promote peace among the mortal beings to bond them together in case of war or the Titans’ return.

In her endless pursuit of peace, General Almandee-Breeze continues to navigate the treacherous waters of the Golden Tides political landscape, where duplicity is as prevalent as the salty sea breeze. Yet, her dedication never wavers. She sets an example for the next generation of Sea Elves who continue hiding behind their bulwark of ancient weapons. She has emerged as a symbol of profound change in a region that has long grappled with conflict, serving as an enduring inspiration for those who aspire to follow in her footsteps and bridge the divides that have plagued the Golden Tides.

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  • Water Bolt
  • Blessed Grounds
  • Ride The Tide
  • Water Wall
  • Water Prison
  • Torrential Travel
  • Moist

Water Bolt

The Elf shoots out a bolt of water from her staff. The bolt homes onto a nearby enemy splashing them and dealing 5 damage. This applies a stack of Moist.