Soul Sniper

In the early days of the Human-Beast War, Dead-Eye was a renowned Cat-Beast sniper, celebrated throughout the Archipelago for his unmatched accuracy on the front lines. One day, tragedy struck on the ocean's battlefield when he and his shipmates were engulfed by a whirlpool and dragged into the abyss by the Minions of the Deep, their souls fed to their revered Titan. Over the years, the fallen souls fueled the Titan's strength, enabling him to take physical form and unleash chaos upon the Golden Tides.

For twenty-three years, Dead-Eye remained trapped in darkness until a clash between the Titan of the Deep and the wizard Tralzan freed a multitude of souls. Among them was Dead-Eye's, which became bound to the very weapon he once wielded.

Years later, S.H.U.D. discovered the lost weapon within The Waterfall Caverns and entrusted it to the Soul Binder. The Soul binder was able to extract Dead-Eye’s soul from his weapon, but only partially. Dead-Eye became a powerful wraith attached to his sniper rifle, but at the cost of a physical body. Despite Dead-Eye’s plea, the Soulbinder could not fully restore his original form. The knowledge to bring back the physical self was lost with a particular necromancer in the battle against the Titan.

Dead-Eye still embraced his new form as a gift but would later learn it was just as much a curse. Craving a sense of belonging, his first instinct was to rejoin his Cat Beast clan…but the reunion did not go as expected. His former Cat Beast companions did not accept him back in his ghostly form. Whatever lasting memories he had of physical sensations became darkened by the pain of a broken heart.

Dead-Eye tackles his fate one day at a time, forever chasing the feeling of being truly alive, rather than the illusion he has now. He sails the Archipelago with no set alliances and is eternally on his quest to find the necromancer to restore his physical form. Dead-Eye ruthlessly destroys any enemy in his way, but none more so than the minions of the Deep.

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  • Quick Shot
  • Spirit Snipe
  • Disengaging Shot
  • Soul Division
  • Bulwark of the Lost
  • Spirit Flare
  • Soul Sustenance

Quick Shot

Sniper load and fires a normal sniper round, dealing 13 damage.