Dark Cleric

In the records of the Archipelago's recent history, Morgrim's name stands as a cautionary tale, a testament to the dangers of unchecked curiosity. Once revered as a cleric of the Radiant Citadel, Morgrim was celebrated for his healing nature and thirst for knowledge. But his inquisitiveness went too far after one fateful journey in search of a dangerous and powerful relic. Now, Morgrim is a fallen cleric, straddling the boundary between light and shadow, good and evil.

His closest companion, Eira, shared his passion for exploration since their childhood days at the Citadel. Together, they dreamed of unraveling the mysteries of the world. Yet, a rift began to form between them when Morgrim's thirst for knowledge led him to obsess over the Abyssal Keystone. Most believed it to only exist in legend; rumor had it the Keystone would grant the caster full control over the Titan of the Deep–a solution to much of the bloodshed that has ravaged the Archipelago for decades. Others believed the Keystone was just another trap laid by the Titan of Death.

When Morgrim finally uncovered the long-lost Abyssal Keystone, its dark power corrupted his noble intentions as the stone merged with his physical form. The essence of the Deep itself coursed through his veins, a sinister force twisting his once-pure spirit. The members of the Radiant Citadel, sensing the darkness within him, cast him out, chaining him with golden shackles to keep the evil trapped within.

Despite Eira's attempts to guide him back to the light, Morgrim continually drove her away to indulge in the sins of the world. In a desperate effort to save him, Eira cast the Halo of Truth enchantment on herself and allowed the Abyssal Keystone to absorb her essence into its dark depths.

The simultaneous clash of light and darkness within Morgrim's soul left him shattered. Learning to embrace this duality of his nature, he now wanders as a mercenary healer, his skills sought after by crews both noble and nefarious. He is driven by an insatiable thirst for life's treasures to satisfy the darkness within, while also finding purpose mending the wounds of those in need.

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  • Penance
  • Guilt’s Pursuit
  • Fear
  • Soulflame Armor
  • Cleansing Fire
  • Never-ending Flame
  • Burning Steps


Instantly cast a chain-axe in a targeted direction, attaching to the first enemy hit to deal continuous damage. Movement is allowed while attached. Detaching or recasting deals escalating damage based on attachment duration. Interruptions prevent damage burst.

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