Firebreather Baha

Firebreather Baha

Captain Of The Circus Pirates

Baha was born to the renowned captains of the traveling Circus Pirates–the Bearded Woman and the Strong Man. He was always destined to emerge as the Ringmaster of this diverse troupe of misfits. Baha was charming and crafty–a perfect leader for a circus crew that continually roamed the Archipelago on the hunt for their next score. They were infamous for entertaining villages by day and deceiving them under the cloak of night–but only amongst those astute enough to notice.

Baha recruited anyone and anything that didn’t fit the norm. He trained sea monsters, chained ghosts to the mortal realm, even tamed feral beasts–all for the entertainment of the people. They’d sell costly tickets to see strange spectacles and swindle townsfolk with un-winnable carnival games, serve booze a little too strong for most and distract everyone with flashy performances–all while poltergeists pickpocketed the masses and goblins looted their homes, stealing any treasures they had hidden away.

However, nothing dropped jaws quite like Baha himself. With his extraordinary ability to control fire with his own breath, Baha dazzled the masses, making them easy prey. He was even able to trick the King of the Humans–his greatest feat. Using his forceful fire breath to torch the ground beneath him, Baha levitated, with flames spreading outward in a blazing ring. While the aristocrats were engrossed in the dangerous spectacle before them, Baha's goblin crew skillfully went undetected as they dismantled the king’s golden throne. They discreetly tossed its pieces into the ocean below, where Baha’s sea monsters retrieved the fragments and transported them back to the ship. Enthralled by Baha’s performance, the king tipped his weight in gold–and before he could even realize he’d been tricked, the Circus Pirates vanished aboard their ship, Baha laughing triumphantly from his new throne.

As Baha's influence continues to spread, so too does the reputation of the Circus Pirates, drawing in more oddities and outcasts eager to join their ranks. But as the crew grows in size, so do their needs, driving them to greater feats of deception to sustain their lifestyle. Together, they perform impossible feats and deceive even the sharpest minds as they leave behind a trail of baffled spectators and empty purses.

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  • Fire Breath
  • Chug, Chug
  • Party Starter
  • Spirit Ashe of Protection
  • Napalm Concoction
  • Soul Flame
  • Man on Fire

Fire Breath

A devastating breath of fire is unleashed in a straight line, gradually consuming the Chug Meter and inflicting enemies with a Burn stack each second. With Napalm Thickness, the breath's width and range are increased by 50% and 20%, respectively.

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