Captain Ashar Sharp

Captain Ashar Sharp

Sharky Boy

Captain Ashar Sharp is a Shark Beast, a race known for their endless and bloodthirsty quest for territory. Although he is motivated by the traits of his race, he is the best example of them—intellectual, strategic, and educated. The Captain has made a name for himself as one of the most vicious pirates of the Archipelago and one of the most successful as well.

Once a cabin boy aboard his father's ship in the Human-Beast War, Ashar was washed ashore to the Salvage Ape Mangroves and was raised in their technologically advanced communities. It was among the ever-expanding mangroves that he learned there was more beyond the hunt for blood. However, it was obvious he would never fit in amongst his ape companions. His nature would drive him to pillage, and after his theft of one of the apes' precious scrolls, he was sentenced to have one of his hands amputated. To Ashar, this was a small cost to bear for the item he managed to smuggle away.

When he made his way back home, he realized his newfound scholarship put him at an advantage over the other Shark Beasts. Ashar's interest in foreign weaponry, his knowledge of maps and navigation, and his thirst for more education meant that he was able to successfully navigate greater stretches of the Archipelago than any of his Beast forefathers. He quickly rose in their ranks to become the captain of the Jolly Jaws, a ship nearly as notorious as its captain.

Captain Sharp believes that the reunification of the Beast Nations is how the Sharks are destined to rule everything in their corner of the world. He has an ever-growing bounty on his head for the weapons, blueprints, and treasures he has looted in pursuit of his goals. He continues to learn and grow, delving deep into the power of the mages, poring over the histories and military strategies of the Sea Elves, researching the differences between the natural magics of the Beasts, and studying the eternal cores of the Undead. Ashar strategically learns how each race's strengths can be used for and against him. His knowledge makes him a formidable and fearsome opponent in battle.

Each piece of knowledge helps him find map segments and precious artifacts as he works to accomplish his goal. With each additional discovery, he draws closer to finding the home of the Titan of Nature and the power to bring all the Beast nations back together. He seeks the Map Maker to help him fill the gaps on the piece of map he currently possesses.

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  • Claw, claw, rake
  • Shark Bite
  • Teleport
  • Hamstring Sever
  • Waterstrike
  • Chum In The Water
  • Blood Scent

Claw, claw, rake

Deals 7 damage every attack. On every third attack the player rakes the enemy, adding 1 stack of Bleed.