True Name Unknown

Blackjack is a mysterious and enigmatic figure, known for lurking in the shadows and remaining just out of view, seemingly dancing in people's blind spots. Despite being the most expensive mercenary in the world, no one truly knows who she is. She is willing to gather intelligence, eliminate government officials, or carry out any task, no matter how dirty or dangerous, as long as she is compensated adequately.

Little is known about Blackjack's origins, and she is a master of keeping her past hidden from the world. Rumors suggest that she may have trained with the mythical assassin's organization, The Voices in the Void, but whether the organization even exists is a mystery. There are whispers that she hails from Dracona, a distant island on the other side of the world, a place that no one from the Archipelago has ever laid eyes upon. Some even suggest that she might be the daughter of the Titan of Night, as her supernatural-like stealth and extraordinary combat skills seem almost otherworldly.

Alongside her lethal profession, Blackjack's other prominent trait is her insatiable love for money. At any given time, one can find the shrouded and shadowy figure at the Dead Man's Island Casino. Deeply indebted to the casino and its ruthless owner, Dame Priscilla. It is within the casino's walls that Blackjack's addiction to gambling takes hold, and she finds herself locked in a vicious cycle of debt, working off her account as quickly as she accrues it.

Despite having countless enemies across the Archipelago, any negative thoughts about Blackjack conveniently slip away when casino patrons gaze upon the centerpiece—the colossal skeleton of a dragon known as Electus. It is rumored that with the help of Captain Ashar Sharp, the two of them managed to slay the Titan of Fire’s indestructible pet, turning it into a dazzling decoration for the casino. While most would view this as a heroic deed, few consider the possibility that Blackjack might have simply had a debt to pay.

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  • Eviscerate
  • Fan of Knives
  • Hook Pull
  • Smoke Bomb
  • Blood Reaper Scythe
  • Assassin's Grace
  • Stealth


Assassin attacks with her scythe dealing 5 damage. Every second consecutive attack on an enemy applies 1 stack of Lacerate to them.