Harrison Harbinger

Harrison Harbinger

The Banished Pirate

Born of royal lineage, Admiral Harrison Harbinger commanded the marines of Treasure Atlas, before becoming the most infamous pirate to sail the Archipelago of Golden Tides. Now known simply as the Banished Pirate, he sails the seas carrying the weight of his past regrets. He seeks atonement through slaying monsters that threaten the sea's peace.

Once tasked with training his nephew, the Human prince Konix Harbinger, in combat and maritime affairs, Harrison’s strict militaristic style fostered resentment in his pupil. The arrogant and short-tempered Prince developed an unhealthy obsession with besting his uncle and, time and time again, would fall to the Admiral’s sword. Discouraged, the prince abandoned Harrison to join the Human-Beast War.

The Admiral spent years at sea chasing the prince, finally reaching the young man as he faced the King of Beasts in the final throes of battle. As the Prince aimed to deliver a killing strike, Harrison blocked his former apprentice’s blow. The battle fell still and silent as the Admiral made it clear that peace was the objective, and the prince’s merciless act would only prolong the war.

Enraged, the prince aimed his sword at Harrison and the King of Beasts. With both sides watching, the Admiral defended himself and felled his nephew with a single pistol blast. Although devastated, the Human king still showed mercy to the man who had brokered a peace treaty at the cost of his son's life, sentencing his brother to a lifetime of servitude and banishment instead of death. Admiral Harrison Harbinger was forced to abandon his name and any claim to the throne.

Now driven by the sentence imposed upon him by his king, he sails with precision and determination. Feared by enemies on both land and sea, and even though he seeks absolution from his own guilt the Banished Pirate shows little mercy to his adversaries.

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  • Cutlass
  • Flintlock shot
  • Lunge
  • Riposte
  • Flintlock Blast
  • Pin & Fire
  • Mariners Momentum


Basic attack that deals 10 damage.