Aldo Oakfall

Aldo Oakfall

Defense Minister

Aldo Oakfall, once a simple and cheery dwarf, often drunk, has transformed into a formidable figure his old friends wouldn’t recognize. He has always possessed a naturally strong and stocky build, honed by years of hollowing out caves behind Underbluff Falls. His beard, once adorned with colorful trinkets, now reflects his dedication to duty, meticulously groomed to convey a sense of resilience. Aldo's eyes, deep and piercing, hold a mix of determination and sorrow, a constant reminder of the tragedy that changed the course of his life.

Aldo always dreamt of life as a bard, traveling the world with his band, The Aling Dwarves. Playing his magical fiddle, he spread joy at pubs across the Northern Hemisphere, brightening the lives of those he encountered. However, his idyllic journey took a dark turn when their stage-boat sailed too far east and crossed paths with the ruthless Shark Beast, Captain Gnarltooth.

Captain Gnarltooth and his crew boarded their ship. He was Ashar Sharp’s predecessor and a beastly pirate like him but ten times as deadly. He was near-brainless with sheer brawn and a feral instinct to kill. Gnarltooth showed no mercy to the peaceful musicians. He eradicated The Aling Dwarves with ease and sent their ship to the depths of the sea. Aldo Oakfall was the sole survivor, washed ashore on Dead Man's Island, haunted by guilt and a desire to become stronger.

He traded his most prized possession, the magical fiddle, at Dame Priscilla's pawn shop, in exchange for a shield to safeguard others, vowing to prevent further meaningless violence. He returned to his original dwarven mining crafts, using natural resources to create armor and teach villagers how to reinforce their homes against danger. While he forged weapons, he entrusted them only to those willing to use them for self-defense.

Embracing a rigorous training regime, Aldo honed his skills, studying defense strategies, and forming the Defenders of the Archipelago. His efforts did not go unnoticed, and the Piragon City United Forces recognized his feats, appointing him as the Defense Minister of the Seas. In this esteemed position, he serves as the first line of defense, sailing the Neutral Zones of the Archipelago. Ever vigilant for potential threats, he remains ready to act swiftly and decisively in the name of the capital.

His journey from a simple bard to the Defense Minister of the United Forces has left a deep-rooted mark on Aldo. His cheery demeanor has been replaced with a somber determination, forever fueled by the memory of his fallen companions. Armed with his golden hammer, he vows to shield the weak and innocent for as long as he draws breath. Aldo Oakfall's unwavering commitment has become a symbol of hope for the people of the Archipelago.

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  • Swing and Shield
  • Shield
  • Clear the Path
  • Shockwave
  • Hammer Toss
  • Grow Big
  • Dwarven Ale

Swing and Shield

Dwarf swings his hammer dealing 12 damage.