Chef Ernesto

Chef Ernesto

Galley Cook

Chef Ernesto is a dwarf of extraordinary culinary talents. He was born in the heart of Piragon City, a cultural hub which attracted all races and species to its vibrant streets. His parents had emigrated from the dwarven capital, Underbluff Falls, and established a humble restaurant to make ends meet. There, they tantalized patrons with delectable dwarven dishes such as Fried Eels, Steamed Mussels, Gorgon Shrimp, Battle Crabs, Sea Salt Cheese Pie, and other Underbluff Falls delicacies. But for Ernesto, the simple flavors of the sea were just the beginning.

Ernesto's gourmet journey truly took off when he assembled a crew of culinary experts and embarked on a quest to discover treasures of the mouth: new spices, exotic meats, and rare ingredients that could only be found in distant lands. The promise of uncharted flavors beckoned, and he knew the path ahead was a tantalizing one. With a heart aflame for exploration, he journeyed to the enigmatic island of the Naga, where he encountered a world of culinary wonders that surpassed his wildest dreams. The Naga chefs were masters of their craft, unveiling their secrets of unique flavor combinations and intricate cooking techniques that were a testament to centuries of gastronomic artistry.

Ernesto's training under the Naga chefs was a transformative experience. He honed his skills, learning to create one-of-a-kind dishes that danced on the palate. With newfound knowledge and expertise, he returned to Piragon City, bearing the legacy of the Naga culinary culture.

The impact of his journey was profound. Ernesto's restaurant in Piragon City became a celebrated hub of exotic flavors and sumptuous dishes, a testament to his boundless passion for culinary exploration. His fame and influence extended across the Archipelago, bridging cultures and races through the universal language of food. But Ernesto’s hunger for knowledge.

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  • Pan
  • Chef’s Finesse
  • Navy Rum
  • Soup for the Soul
  • The Bad Batch
  • Down The Hatch
  • There’s Always More to Go Around


The Chef swings his frying pan to deal 8 damage. The third consecutive hit inflicts additional damage and shortens the cooldown of "There’s Always More to Go Around" by 1 second.

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